Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Journey to 20K leagues Beneath the Mysterious Island - III

Having Landed...

Well...we finally got to put our feet in the sand. Thanks to All that Is. Oolon decided that i need to distribute some probes around the island for some important data collection. Cool...being anti-social as most of my race are, hanging out on the beach waiting for a decision on the next course of action didn't grip my imagination. And the sweetie gave me some tea and the cat for company..double cool. He can be a snob, but then you can tell he cares from the details.

As I was placing the probe thingies in the ground around the perimeter of the beach, musing that Sputnik's superiority complex might be to disguise that he actually cares about folks, "even lower life forms like me and the cat," I looked up and..."Where the fuck is the CAT!!? Shit, the cat's wandered off! Again!" AND YES, ok. I admit it...I completey forgot about Kira as I was psychoanalysing the gallifreyan. And when I finally noticed, panic set in. Last thing I remembered was Kira playing around a tide pool, just a few feet from me...and now I was in SO much trouble!" I looked all around the perimeter, a few feet into the jungle but couldn't see her tracks. Not that I'm a tracker. I winked ('winking' - Sidhe word for going out of 3d into 4d and back again. You can cover hundreds of miles in just a split second. Or just harass humans for fun...I don't usually, but sometimes my good friends might have to put up wi me dissappearing and appearing wi out warning.) to a few different spots around the island to get a better view and maybe catch sight of her. and I didn't. As my panic grew and I imagined Sputnik's reaction i suddenly caught sight of something else! A group of natives, I assumed, spying on the group down on the beach. My fear of reprisal and worry for the cat faded and another thought took over... "Hmm. This should make things interesting." and, "I'd better get back to the Time Lord and confess I've lost the cat and oh, by the way, found some natives. I winked back to the Time Lord, gave him the news and prepared for the onslaught.


Virrginia Tombola said...

Tag! It's the eight things about yourself meme, roosting on your blog post, being demanding :P

Details on my blog, if you haven't done it already. I prattle for a bit before explaining things, feel free to page down to the meat, or go to some other blog that explains it better!

Darkling, Lady Speirling said...

tagging again! let's hear it, Lightfoot! 8D