Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Gallifreyan Buccaneer

I ran into a fella, a while back, on Earth, before the time war...Sputnik really doesn't like me to refer to him as he considers him a renegade, and therefore distasteful, but..
My people have known him as the Greenman, as he self-renews, always having visited us with different faces. He prefers to call himself the Doctor. I only learned that he is considered a renegade now that I keep company with Time Lords . Fine. All I know is that he was a pleasing and gentle person and that my people respect him, despite his being non-sidhe. It takes alot for that to happen, I assure you. In any case, he made up a highly amusing song, which he shared with me, way back when I was a youngster of 70.

I thought I might share the song. It's called "Gallifreyan Buccaneer" and sung to the Gilbert and Sullivan tune of the "Major-General's Song":

I Am the Very Model of a Gallifreyan Buccaneer
(Doctor Who and the Pirates)

I am the very model of a Gallifreyan Buccaneer,
I’ve information on all things a Gallifreyan holds most dear,
I’ve linked into the Matrix through its exitonic circuitry,
I understand dimensional and relative chronometry.

I’m very well acquainted too with matters of the Capitol,
I’ll give you verse and chapter on Panopticonian protocol,
I’ve been into the Death Zone and I’ve played the Game of Rassilon–
(Rassilon? Assilon, Bassilon.. ah-ha!)
With pestilential monsters that I got a lot of hassle from!

With pestilential monsters that he got a lot of hassle from!
With pestilential monsters that he got a lot of hassle from!
With pestilential monsters that he got a lot of hassle-hassle from!

I understand each language and I speak every vernacular,
I’ll conjugate each verb obscure, decline each line irregular,
In short in every matter that a Gallifreyan holds most dear,
I am the very model of a Gallifreyan Buccaneer.

In short in every matter that a Gallifreyan holds most dear,
he is the very model of a Gallifreyan Buccaneer!

I’ve tackled shady Castellans with devious behavior,
I’ve sparred with Time Lord chancellors like Thalia, Goth, or Flavia.
In fact on some occasions I’ve held office Presidentially,
Though maybe I won’t mention I was ousted out eventually.

I know just how it feels to be a wanted man and on the run,
But wouldn’t leave the carefree buccaneering life for anyone,
Though sometimes my adventures seem absurdly operatical,
(Operatical? Hatical, patical.. ah-ha!)
With ups and down and twists and turns and incidents piratical.

With ups and down and twists and turns and incidents piratical!
With ups and down and twists and turns and incidents piratical!
With ups and down and twists and turns and incidents pirati-ratical!

I’ve sailed the seven seas of Earth and all the oceans of the Moon,
My trusty true Type 40 is my Gallifreyan picaroon,
But is this really what the average Gallifreyan holds most dear?
I wonder what they think about this Gallifreyan Buccaneer.

But is this really what the average Gallifreyan holds most dear!
We wonder what they think about this Gallifreyan Buccaneer!


I’ve defeated evil robots such as Daleks, Quarks, and Cybermen,
I’ve overthrown dictators from Tobias Vaughn to Mavic Chen,
I’ve rescued helpless maidens from the devastating Viking hordes,
Vanquished Autons, Axons, Daemons, Krotons, Monoids, Vampires, Voords.

I’ve liberated planets and delivered them from total war,
Saved Earth, Manussa, Dulkis, Skonnos, Earth, Tigella, Earth once more,
In short I know I am the truest Rassilonian legate,
(Legate? Decate, Hecate.. Hecate? Mm, not sure if that’s canonical.. ah-ha! I have it!)
And so to Time Lords all I say remember me to Gallifrey!

A sentiment we all agree, remember him to Gallifrey!
A sentiment we all agree, remember him to Gallifrey!
A sentiment we all agree, remember him to Galli-Gallifrey!

I’m not content to just observe, I am a bold adventurer,
Though other Time Lords mock this Gallifreyan interventioner,
I know in every matter that a Time Lord really should hold dear,
I am the very model of a Gallifreyan Buccaneer.

We know in every matter that a Time Lord really should hold dear,
He is the very model of a Gallifreyan Buccaneer!


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Saturday, March 7, 2009


Well, the time for this essentially abandoned blog to stand up and be counted has come. I'm getting off my bum and doing something useful with it. Finally. Being a fashion designer in SL space, it's about time i started blogging my designs, me thinks. I intend to keep my entries short and to the point (we'll see..) and mostly just have vendor pics here. My social marketing friend has been pressuring me for EVER and now, i'm giving in. It really just makes sense, so, despite being a stubborn sidhe, I'm overcoming my resistance. And since at this point i only have one follower, i doubt anyone will notice for a while. I'll probably start by posting some of my older pieces, just to give a sense of my progress and creative history. Yep. Sounds good. ;-)[UPDATE: Actually ended up creating a new blog for To-a-T. Think this blog will continue as is]

And by the way, just to update my story so far...Oolon has managed to fabricate an artificial singularity (yes, as in BLACK HOLE). I can't pretend I understand a word of his explanations..his voice just turns into a drone in my head at that point and images of dresses start distracting my mind. But he's quite proud of it, the sweetie, and I try to encourage him and let him know how darned happy i am for his achievements. Then i make him some tea and he calms down a bit. He really is excitable when it comes to this sort of thing...*smiles, thinking of the time lord*

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Big Human Machine

I'm afraid of the Big Human Machine.
I dwell on self only because I think it is the microcosmos, a repetition of some fractal, winding its neuron path through the Brain of What IS, ...or through It's Being? Perhaps it will show me the way out or do i mean the way to clarity?

This big human machine of society is intimidating. So much greater than you, putting, keeping, forcing you to NOT be animal, natural, fierce. I am beginning to think like a human and am forgetting my Sidhe way. I've been stuck in this victorian world of big fat lazy bustles and sedation. The calm steady progress of what they say is the technology of tomorrow, Humanity reaching for the stars as ever(some sort of mindless DNA imperative?) Sigh.. Are these humans meant to move between planets, like some virus...Oolon says they do, eventually, not long after i was there, in 21st cent. Earth.

Miss my Earth. The idea begins to seem distant now. THAT earth. Where i was before, when i met the Sputnik. Before I decided on adventures in Space. Or any other physical reality, reality as in REAL. I am trying to remember the feeling of it, it's denseness and seems like a dream and now this place is what is real...but that's a lie. I don't belong here. This flat pixelated's not REAL, not my Real, affects me just as powerfully.
...which reminds me! When is the damn ETC gonna be fixed!!?
/exasperated sigh...bugger!
/Terry Lightfoot remembers the dress she's supposed to be working on.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Journey to 20K leagues Beneath the Mysterious Island - III

Having Landed...

Well...we finally got to put our feet in the sand. Thanks to All that Is. Oolon decided that i need to distribute some probes around the island for some important data collection. Cool...being anti-social as most of my race are, hanging out on the beach waiting for a decision on the next course of action didn't grip my imagination. And the sweetie gave me some tea and the cat for company..double cool. He can be a snob, but then you can tell he cares from the details.

As I was placing the probe thingies in the ground around the perimeter of the beach, musing that Sputnik's superiority complex might be to disguise that he actually cares about folks, "even lower life forms like me and the cat," I looked up and..."Where the fuck is the CAT!!? Shit, the cat's wandered off! Again!" AND YES, ok. I admit it...I completey forgot about Kira as I was psychoanalysing the gallifreyan. And when I finally noticed, panic set in. Last thing I remembered was Kira playing around a tide pool, just a few feet from me...and now I was in SO much trouble!" I looked all around the perimeter, a few feet into the jungle but couldn't see her tracks. Not that I'm a tracker. I winked ('winking' - Sidhe word for going out of 3d into 4d and back again. You can cover hundreds of miles in just a split second. Or just harass humans for fun...I don't usually, but sometimes my good friends might have to put up wi me dissappearing and appearing wi out warning.) to a few different spots around the island to get a better view and maybe catch sight of her. and I didn't. As my panic grew and I imagined Sputnik's reaction i suddenly caught sight of something else! A group of natives, I assumed, spying on the group down on the beach. My fear of reprisal and worry for the cat faded and another thought took over... "Hmm. This should make things interesting." and, "I'd better get back to the Time Lord and confess I've lost the cat and oh, by the way, found some natives. I winked back to the Time Lord, gave him the news and prepared for the onslaught.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mysterious Island - Part II - The Arrival

Well, a few days of sea travel and eating bugs, trying to wash them down with wine, all the while surrounded by overly formal 19th century eccentrics, a demanding Time Lord(I love 'im but he really can test my patience), and a dwindling herd of penguins, can really make you wish for land. It was only a few days of sailing but it seemed an eternity. During our meals, Lady Palowakski was constantly stealing Sputnik's drinks and giving me useless spells in exchange(What do I need 'em for?...I got natural magic oozing outta my pores). And like a Time Lord doesn't notice that sort of thing! He seemed rather amused by it as far as I can tell. I thought maybe Darkling might need them though, so I pocketed the spells anyway. Bet she does a little dance over these!
Well, finally, we sighted the shore and the most ridiculous debate ensued as to what to do next. Talk about too many cooks! Of course, that genius of navigation, Captain Sparrow just had to stick his oar into the discussion whilst abandoning the wheel to do it. Blammo! got us ashore and resolved the silly discussion at once.The ship ran up against the island.
get this...
Right in the middle of all that arguing, just before the crash....a little voice pipes out of the aether..“Before you all go dashing onto the damn beach maybe you should let the kitten OUT of the bag before she FREAKIN‘ suffocates after all this DAMN time? JEBUS!”
Only a certain 19th century feline who'd been hanging around a certain 21st century Sidhe would be using slang like that!
Just as I'd surmised we had a most welcome stowaway, and as we bashed gracefully ashore with our ship... an apple barrel rolls across the deck, dashes Gnarli aside and overboard, hitting the railing of the ship, finally splitting open to reveal....THE CAT!!! YAY! Well. I was pretty darned happy to see her! She seemed none the worse for wear, although a bit appley. I secretly thanked her for the amusement, as watching Gnarli sail thru the air was kinda good. Poor guy. It looked like it hurt, though nothing compared to getting busy with dolphins(you wouldn't believe the story he told Sputnik! Thank god for Sputnik's gossip retention. It's kept me from going nuts during this trip).
But I digress....
and as Gnarli clambered back on board, all wet, he looked at Kira incredulously and instantly proclaimed her banned from the adventure. If he only knew the trouble Sputnik and I dragged her into on a continual basis with the ETC...and she always lands on her feet! Human males...over protective if you ask me. Well..Kira decided right then and there that it might give her great satisfaction to scratch Gnarli's eyes out and I had to swiftly grab her by the scruff and pull her off the vulnerable human. I knew she'd be sorry for it later, even if she couldn't see it now, and the easiest way I could think of improving her mood was to drag her over to the Sputnik. Time Lords do so like inferior beings for company and having TWO is always better than one. Makes his self proclaimed superiority that much more within reach(the dreamer). And I was right; he was overjoyed to see her and she forgot her bad mood immediately. assistant's work is never done.