Saturday, March 7, 2009


Well, the time for this essentially abandoned blog to stand up and be counted has come. I'm getting off my bum and doing something useful with it. Finally. Being a fashion designer in SL space, it's about time i started blogging my designs, me thinks. I intend to keep my entries short and to the point (we'll see..) and mostly just have vendor pics here. My social marketing friend has been pressuring me for EVER and now, i'm giving in. It really just makes sense, so, despite being a stubborn sidhe, I'm overcoming my resistance. And since at this point i only have one follower, i doubt anyone will notice for a while. I'll probably start by posting some of my older pieces, just to give a sense of my progress and creative history. Yep. Sounds good. ;-)[UPDATE: Actually ended up creating a new blog for To-a-T. Think this blog will continue as is]

And by the way, just to update my story so far...Oolon has managed to fabricate an artificial singularity (yes, as in BLACK HOLE). I can't pretend I understand a word of his explanations..his voice just turns into a drone in my head at that point and images of dresses start distracting my mind. But he's quite proud of it, the sweetie, and I try to encourage him and let him know how darned happy i am for his achievements. Then i make him some tea and he calms down a bit. He really is excitable when it comes to this sort of thing...*smiles, thinking of the time lord*