Friday, August 10, 2007

20,000 Leagues Beneath the Mysterious Island

Well..Sputnik's dragged me into yet another lame adventure. Stuck on a boat with a bunch of maladjusted Victorians on our way to a Volcano. Oh Joy. Well..they're alright for the most part..just some bizarre behaviors every once in a while. I guess extreme repression just breeds. The Bardhaven dude is a weird one....dark good looks and that sort of "I'm stuck on myself" look about him, AND I just don't trust him AT ALL, in his year book at school he was probably voted most likely to double cross, ...but every one seems to take him in stride. The Captain it sort of a rough and so is his sailing. Not very reassuring(One reeeeelly good thing? Bardhaven dude and the Captain eat their meals together at the captain's mess. Away from ME. Yes!). ANYWAY....assisting the Sputnik is the job, I I just goes with the flows.

I'm not all that well acquainted with most of the folks on this dingy, but Darkling is among them and she's easy to get along with. Myself, being difficult to get along with, this is always a valuable find for me. I'm glad for her company, she's always clever and affectionate and apparently she's a halfbreed(Poor thing is only half Sidhe) and although historically this combination tends to produce dribbling insanity she seems to have escaped that horrible fate. Missing the Cat however...furry companionship like hers is always a plus. Guess I'm doing without it this trip. Speaking of animals...there are PENGUINS on this ship. That's all...not sure what to say on that. I think they are Gnarli's? I's just ....unusual.

This world must be of the strangest that Sputnik has ever taken me to....figures we'd get stranded here. Ah least the friends are good.

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