Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Big Human Machine

I'm afraid of the Big Human Machine.
I dwell on self only because I think it is the microcosmos, a repetition of some fractal, winding its neuron path through the Brain of What IS, ...or through It's Being? Perhaps it will show me the way out or do i mean the way to clarity?

This big human machine of society is intimidating. So much greater than you, putting, keeping, forcing you to NOT be animal, natural, fierce. I am beginning to think like a human and am forgetting my Sidhe way. I've been stuck in this victorian world of big fat lazy bustles and sedation. The calm steady progress of what they say is the technology of tomorrow, Humanity reaching for the stars as ever(some sort of mindless DNA imperative?) Sigh.. Are these humans meant to move between planets, like some virus...Oolon says they do, eventually, not long after i was there, in 21st cent. Earth.

Miss my Earth. The idea begins to seem distant now. THAT earth. Where i was before, when i met the Sputnik. Before I decided on adventures in Space. Or any other physical reality, reality as in REAL. I am trying to remember the feeling of it, it's denseness and seems like a dream and now this place is what is real...but that's a lie. I don't belong here. This flat pixelated's not REAL, not my Real, affects me just as powerfully.
...which reminds me! When is the damn ETC gonna be fixed!!?
/exasperated sigh...bugger!
/Terry Lightfoot remembers the dress she's supposed to be working on.

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